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Perfume Oils - Designer Types
Basic Fragrances
Choose from our large selection of  Designer Types of pure perfume oils with no added alcohol to cause skin irritation. No added alcohol also means longer lasting fragrances.  And after all isn't that what you buy perfume for!   Because we custom blend fragrances at , we can sell to you at HUGE savings over retail type products.
Cones and Stix

offers the largest variety and best quality of incense in the world. Our Incense Stix & Cones are soaked and saturated in 100% premium oils. Unlike our competitors, we use no alcohol or acetone in any of our products. Our Incense Stix are available 11 inch Natural Brown Stix, 11 inch Colored Stix, 11 inch Charcoal Stix, 19 inch Natural Brown Stix and 19 inch Charcoal Stix. Our Incense Cones are available in 3 sizes - Regular (1 inch), Jumbo (2 inch), and Giant (3 inch).
New Natural Brown Incense Coils that burn 3 hours each.
New Regular, Jumbo & Giant Charcoal Incense Cones.
New 4 inch Incense Spirals that burn 24 hours each.
New 33 inch Incense Stix that burn 10 hours each.

Designer Body
These Designer Body Oils are 's own versions and are not connected to any Perfume manufacturer. All of Our Oils are cosmetically safe to be worn on the skin. Again, we use no alcohol, acetone, or mineral oil.
Over 185 to choose from.
Fragrance Oils All of our Fragrance Oils are also safe to be worn on the skin. This is the difference between other manufacturers and .

's Aromatherapy Products will help ease the Body, Mind, & Spirit - Massage Oils, Bath Salts & Incense.
New Unscented Sea Salt.

& Accessories

Take a look here to see the many Incense Accessories, Incense Holders, Burners, Bags and more.
New Bottle Burners for 11 inch & 19 inch Incense Stix and 3 sizes of Cones.

Uscented Incense

A large selection of Unscented Incense offered in small quantities. Now you can buy Unscented Incense in quantities that you can afford to make your own special scents.

Reed Diffusers

6 fragrances formulated speciccally for Reed Diffusers.

Wholesale Fragrance Oils