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New Bullet Backflow Cones

1 inch Bullet Blackflow Natural Brown Incense Cones
2 inch Bullet Blackflow Natural Brown Incense Cones
  1 inch Bullet Blackflow Charcoal Incense Cones
2 inch Bullet Blackflow Charcoal Incense Cones

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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

As of January 1, 2002 is part of the family of companies.


Umongus 33 inch Natural Brown Incense Stix

We have a Resin Bottle Burner for our 6 inch Incense Stix
(It will also burn all 3 sizes of our Incense Cones )

We have a new Resin Bottle Burner for our 11 inch Incense Stix
(It will also burn all 3 sizes of our Incense Cones )

We have a new Resin Bottle Burner for our regular and jumbo sizes of our Incense Cones
(It is NOT for Incense Stix)


We have a Resin Bottle Burner for our Jumbo 19 inch Incense Stix
(It will also burn all 3 sizes of our Incense Cones & 11 inch Incense Stix)

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We also have a Resin Bottle Burner for our 11 inch Incense Stix
(It will also burn all 3 sizes of our Incense Cones)

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Incense Display
Another Finally!
We have an Incense Stix Display that holds 25 bundles of our
11 inch or our Jumbo 19 inch Incense Stix
(sold without Incense Stix)




Aldene's Musk

White Gardenia

Opium (Tunisian)
Lick Me All Over
Bay Rum
Lemon Verbena


Very Berry
Hot Apple Pie
Lavender Fields


Terracotta Stix Burners


Incense Coils
burns 3 hrs each coil
(total burn 120 hours)

made 2 intertwined
2 fit in 3x5 poly bag

In over 350 Fragrances AND about 1/10 the price of stale imports!

Incense Spirals
burns 24 hrs each spiral
(total burn 240 hours)


Yes we have a New Look !
We have redesigned our Website.
For the first time Fragrance Factory offers UNSCENTED Incense in small quantities
for you who would like to do it yourself.

Handling Charges


All of our products have a handling charge associated with them.   Because we are a wholesale website the prices stated are for the product if YOU arrived at our doorstep and we handed you the product and told you, "Good-bye and have a good life".

BUT life is just not that simple.  All of our products are processed to YOUR order.  That means that if YOU order one bundle of Incense Stix the following occurs:

  • The Order Dept. prints our copy of the order confirmation for YOUR bundle and sends it to the floor.

  • Manufacturing  selects the appropiate fragrance out of over 350 and pulls it for dipping YOUR bundle.

  • If we are out of the dipping fragrance for YOUR bundle our Gran Parfumer has to make up an entire batch of dipping fragrance even for YOUR one bundle.

  • YOUR bundle is then hand dipped (yes, by REAL hands) in the fragrance and it is moved to the Soaking area.

  • After soaking the specified time YOUR bundle is marked and then sent to the drying room to dry for a couple of days (drying time varies with the fragrance).

  • Then when YOUR bundle is checked and found to be sufficiently dry to package it is sent to the Packing area.

  • At the Packing area YOUR bundle is individually wrapped in a poly bag and labeled.

  • YOUR bundle is then sent to the Shipping Dept. to be shipping wrapped and boxed.

  • The filled order copy for YOUR bundle is then sent to the Office were it is correlated with the shopcart order reader that has been printed out for YOUR bundle.

  • If you are a new customer all YOUR information has to be typed into our data bank and then an invoice is typed for YOUR bundle. 

  • The invoice for YOUR bundle is then sent to the Billing Dept. where it is entered against YOUR credit card.

  • If there is a problem with YOUR credit card it is sent to the Sales Dept. where I have to e-mail YOU of the problem or contact YOU by phone.

  • If YOUR credit card is approved a copy of the invoice is sent back to the Shipping Dept. and the invoice is inserted into YOUR waiting order and an address label is typed and affixed to the box and sealed.

  • YOUR bundle information is then typed into our UPS WorldWide Shipping Network and the appropiate shipping documentation is printed for our UPS daily pickup OR
    YOUR bundle is hand carried to the Post Office where it is weighed and billed against our account.

  • Finally the shipping information is annoted to our copy of the invoice for YOUR bundle.


Bob Scherr
Sales Mgr.


  We have been making changes to our site to make it more user friendly.   From talking to many of you who have "stumbled" across while surfing the net, we have discovered that we must be more consumer oriented and less wholesale oriented.  Many of our wholesale customers know the jargon of the fragrance business, but many new retail customers do not.  Therefore we are trying to explain our products better and define terms that they might not fully understand. 
    We have added the ability for you to buy "onesies" on several products that you might have fun with.  We understand that the shipping and handling drives up the cost of these products to you, but if you combine these products with our other products, this should be minimal.  We want our customers, especially the retail ones to be able to experiment a little.  Fragrances should be a fun thing and because of our wholesale pricing, it gives you the the ability to indulge yourself at what is today, minimal cost. 
Please let us know what you think, but be kind!
    We would also like to joint you in prayer for those who died in the attack on the USA, those who were injured, their loved ones, and all those who are helping in this tragic time.
God Bless America,
Bob Scherr
Sales Mgr.

Customer Comments
(expletives deleted)


I originally ordered the fancy roll-on by mistake, but I liked it so well I am ordering more!

I received my order last Monday,  ( VERY promptly! thank you! )  and while I expected to find the items I ordered, I was delighted to have found the gift of "Tropical Rain" in a really nice size, to, not just some little whiff-   VERY nice -and -  I will most certainly be re-ordering from you, and quitting my long trade with "The Body Shop" . I am a long term user / lover of their 'Dewberry' perfume oil" but after recently being unable to find some in stock in their nearest location, I decided to search the web, and found you folks. 
Please read this, if NOTHING else:
   Your dewberry smells just as nice, almost as strongly, and the OIL you suspend it in is  LIGHT YEARS less irritating to my sensitive hide!  I can SLATHER it on ( to brighten my moods on those rotten days...)   and no itch!   no burn!  NOT to mention your price is SO much more reasonable!
It pleased me tremendously to visit my local mall last evening with my husband to CANCEL my regular order from them, and when asked why, I was delighted to state that I had found a Significantly better product elsewhere!!
THANK YOU  very sincerely,  (name omitted to protect the innocent)

Your products are excellent. I have ordered from you twice in the past and have moved since my last order. Just an FYI to miminize confusion. Thanks much!

I wanted to make a comment on your page; a good comment and I could not find an icon to do so. Where is it? I love the order and we are going to try some of your “basic oils” soon. Hope this day is finding you well.

Thanks for responding...My daughter recommended your site to me. She said she thought it to be the best incense and fragrances she has every used... I will be placing and order through your website in the very near future and will see how my customers respond to it.

i placed an order for a large incense boat and someone said you were out of stock. when you do get them in, please not only inform me, but also send it as promised. BTW, your incense is far superior than any others i have tried (which has been a lot). take pride in your work, for your products are the best.

Got it today!  Thanks again, always a pleasure.  Love your store...     All
the best, (name omitted to protect the innocent)

YEP< YEP....It got here to day.......the mailman said his truck...smelled soooo good.  I am going to enjoy these.........Thank you very, VERY much.........I will be back...........(name omitted to protect the innocent)

i finally received my order...thank you sooooo much it was worth the wait!
sorry if i seemed impatient...thank you for such quality products, i will
definetly continue with your company. thanks again,
(name omitted to protect the innocent)


12 Peck Avenue
Pompton Plains, New Jersey 07444
Phone: 1-973-835-2002 Fax: 1-973-835-3540




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