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Hope you have a wonderful New Year. I love your products.

|I have been ordering since the 90's and love your incense. Lovely gifts for my friends and family.

I just want to thank you for having incense that is so AWSOME !!! I've just made my 3rd order to you after receiving my second order from you a couple of days ago. You guys are truly the best on the net and I'm telling any and everyone that burns incense like I do to check you out and to put those orders in. Thanks !!!!!

I love my fragrance oils, I have my own bath and body store and these oils have a lot of my personality. Your fragrance oils are rich and true to the scent that one may mistake them for essential oils. I found my new fragrance company for all my fragrance oil need for my lotions things. I wish I just lived closer thank you.
(name omitted to protect the innocent)

Thank you for the order
have received it
very nice
(from Australia)


thanks so much for the extra incense cones and incense as well as the fragrance oils. i was very excited when my package came today and i started sharing them with my fellow soldiers. at first we did'nt know where we could light the cones, then we decided to turn a soda can upside down and placed the cone in the dome. worked out great. i even gave some to the iraqi soldiers we a training and they were like thank you thank you. they were particularly happy with the fragrance oils( they really do smell lol) and it was rather funny because they were like my girlfriend will like this etc etc, i felt kinda bad when i ran out of oils, but at least all of them got at least 2 cones. i was giving out the incense too. overall it really made our day and brought happiness to this otherwise depressing place. Bob, again I say thank you and give you a big hooah!!!!

I would like to thank you so much for the fragrance oils. They are ABSOLUTELY great. Me and my boyfriend are VERY pleased with the quick delivery and the quality of your product. We will now only do business with you when we are purchasing perfume oils. Thanks again!!

Thank you!
I received your Incense Sticks today.
such a wonderful smell !!
And thank you for your presents!
I love those !
Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Very LOVELY Good Afternoon to the Fragrance Factory Family;
My daughter and I have just received our first order from you and we LOVE IT! The incense sticks we purchased are absolutely DIVINE. Thank you very much for the free Sandalwood Giant Cone samples! I am normally not a sandalwood lover, but the moment we opened the cone package I knew that this was indeed a lovely fragrance. We have several of the fragrances burning now in different rooms of our apt so that we can smell each of the fragrances! We will DEFINITELY be regular customers of the Fragrance Factory!
Have a wonderful weekend,
(name omitted to protect the innocent)

just wanted to thank you for the great incense!!!
everything smells great 'and the free burner and 2 free cones you sent were great also!!! i will definatally be doing business with you in the future!!!! thanks again !!

I just have to say that you are a true professional and your frangrance oils and incense are exceptional. I will definitely do business again.

By the way, I LOVE your body oils. I ordered some at Christmas and have been meaning to reorder...where does time go?
...I wear scented oils a lot as perfume because the scent stays long.
...Your incense is the best I have EVER found. I'm still experimenting in the fragrances......ya'll have too many choices! (That's a compliment, not a complaint.)
...Thanks for making quality products and I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you very much for looking into this. I will wait for a credit. I love the musk, it is my favorite, and I get the most compliments on the musk body oil, then my very expensive perfumes! Thanks again,

just wanted to thank you for the great product !!!
everything smells great 'and the free burner and 2 free cones you sent were great also!!! i will definatally be doing business with you in the future!!!! thanks again !!

OH MY GOODNESS...this came already! Here my mailbox! You are
wonderful!!! I can't believe you sent two roll-ons of the other scents I
requested samples of. WOW! These are FULL SIZED! I cannot decide which
scent I love the best. It will take me at least a full hour to decide which
to wear in the mornings! (can I have a note for work?) I am so glad I
found your will be so much fun ordering different scents to
try. Thanks again for everything!!!!

Subject: LOVE MY OILS!
Hi there,
I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE my fragrance oils! Not only do they make my house smell good, via my oil burner, but they also smell wonderful on me!
I will definitely be re-ordering You have the best quality & prices that I have found anywhere!
Thanks, (name omitted to protect the innocent)

I love your incense! Very high quality! I was skeptical when I read on your site that the 11" sticks burn for an hour. So, I timed a few- one actually burned for 1 hour & 10 minutes! Also,can you describe for me what your Love Potion#9 oil smells like? Thank you

This is the 3rd year ordering from you --- you're the BEST!!!!!
My customers rave about the quality of your sticks!!!

Hello, I am a first time customer and was checking on the status of my order via website. Upon arriving to the site, there was communication about orders not being processed due to technical issues(customers not completely following through on the processing page).

I located the telephone to leave a voice mail, thinking there was no staff available on sunday. In turn, an rep picked up the line and was able to process my order right away from my previous confirmation.

Now, I can expect my order to arrive this week! I am really excited to receive my first order and cannot wait.

Thanks for the superb customer service!

Thank you. The absolute BEST VANILLA in the world! My Bible study group here in my home just go CRAZY for it!! Kind regards to you all, (name omitted to protect the innocent)

I really love your products I have shopped online for incense and fragrances and yours is the BEST! Keep up the great work and thanks.

Thank you so much. I love your products.

PS you have the absolute best and truest Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang, and I've tried a lot!

I loved it. The fragrances were wonderful.

you've been my fave for years!!

Your service was incredibly fast.
Thank you so much, I'm delighted with my order.

I received my order yesterday and was very impressed. Not only were the products great, but you took the time to package my order properly and efficiently. I will definitely be ordering A LOT MORE from you in the near future. Keep up the good work.

I would like to let you know that I love your basic fragrance oils and ever since I discovered your site I do not use any other oils in my fragrance crafts.

Love your stuff and service and will keep coming back for more!

I love you guys...your oils are great!!!

You are fabulous! Finally, I've found incense just like hand-dipped on Venice Beach, but in Maryland! Excellent!

You guys are great!! And have an amazing oils..really loved the summer breeze and hot apple pie...I can't wait to have my customers try this mint chocolate massage oil, but I need to know your carrier oil because they always ask "whats in it." So you have glass bottles too? Anyway thanks soo much...You all ship fast, have very reasonable prices, and generous to boot...


I originally ordered the fancy roll-on by mistake, but I liked it so well I am ordering more!

I received my order last Monday,  ( VERY promptly! thank you! )  and while I expected to find the items I ordered, I was delighted to have found the gift of "Tropical Rain" in a really nice size, to, not just some little whiff-   VERY nice -and -  I will most certainly be re-ordering from you, and quitting my long trade with "The Body Shop" . I am a long term user / lover of their 'Dewberry' perfume oil" but after recently being unable to find some in stock in their nearest location, I decided to search the web, and found you folks. 
Please read this, if NOTHING else:
   Your dewberry smells just as nice, almost as strongly, and the OIL you suspend it in is  LIGHT YEARS less irritating to my sensitive hide!  I can SLATHER it on ( to brighten my moods on those rotten days...)   and no itch!   no burn!  NOT to mention your price is SO much more reasonable!
It pleased me tremendously to visit my local mall last evening with my husband to CANCEL my regular order from them, and when asked why, I was delighted to state that I had found a Significantly better product elsewhere!!
THANK YOU  very sincerely,  (name omitted to protect the innocent)

Your products are excellent. I have ordered from you twice in the past and have moved since my last order. Just an FYI to miminize confusion. Thanks much!

I wanted to make a comment on your page; a good comment and I could not find an icon to do so. Where is it? I love the order and we are going to try some of your “basic oils” soon. Hope this day is finding you well.

Thanks for responding...My daughter recommended your site to me. She said she thought it to be the best incense and fragrances she has every used... I will be placing and order through your website in the very near future and will see how my customers respond to it.

i placed an order for a large incense boat and someone said you were out of stock. when you do get them in, please not only inform me, but also send it as promised. BTW, your incense is far superior than any others i have tried (which has been a lot). take pride in your work, for your products are the best.s a pleasure.  Love your store...    
All the best, (name omitted to protect the innocent)

YEP< YEP....It got here to day.......the mailman said his truck...smelled soooo good.  I am going to enjoy these.........Thank you very, VERY much.........I will be back...........(name omitted to protect the innocent)

i finally received my order...thank you sooooo much it was worth the wait! sorry if i seemed impatient...thank you for such quality products, i will
definetly continue with your company. thanks again, (name omitted to protect the innocent)

WONDERFUL Products! Great price! Great value! I will ONLY buy incense from YOU from now on. Thank you so much! I tell lots of people about you and they have bought stuff, too. Bye! From: (name omitted to protect the innocent)